Founded in 2015, JuxtaProse is an online literary journal that publishes fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography from around the world. We pride ourselves on providing a venue where emerging writers can find a voice alongside some of the most respected names in world literature. Recent issues have included Pulitzer Prize and Man Booker International Prize winners, as well as several previously unpublished writers. JuxtaProse currently reaches over 5,000 readers each month and we consider general submissions year round. Beginning with our Fall 2018 issue, we have provided a small honorarium to those writers we publish.


Manuscripts should be double spaced and include your contact information in the left hand corner of the first page. Our editors make a sincere effort to respond to all submissions within eight to ten weeks. However, please be aware that JuxtaProse is run by a small volunteer staff and, as such, responses may occasionally take longer.We acquire first North American serial rights upon acceptance. This includes the right to publish your material on our website as well as a future print edition, to be released within one year of the date of your acceptance letter. The author retains all other rights. We do not accept reprints.


Submit one piece between 500 and 5,000 words. Since we consider multiple genres of writing, each of which have different editorial teams, please format the title of your submission as "GENRE - TITLE OF SUBMISSION" (e.g. "FICTION - MY STORY"). Submissions which do not follow this format may not reach the appropriate editors and may be deleted unread. 

With fiction, our emphasis is in literary fiction, however we will consider any work that is of sufficient quality, regardless of genre. However, we are not interested in stories written in the second person. With nonfiction, our editors are drawn to a variety of formats, although most drawn to those rooted in personal experience. Beginning with our Fall 2018 issue, we will provide writers with a $50 honorarium for published short stories/essays, and a $25 honorarium for flash fiction/essays (works of up to 1,000 words).

Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but please notify us immediately via Submittable's "Withdraw" option if your work is submitted elsewhere (for poetry, please use the "Note" feature to specify which poems have been accepted elsewhere). It is not necessary to notify us via e-mail.

We publish approximately 3% of the fiction submissions we receive, and 4% of the nonfiction submissions. 


Submit up to five poems. Since we consider multiple genres of writing, please format the title of your submission as the number of poems you are submitting (e.g. "3 POEMS"). Individual poems should be no more than two pages. It is easiest for our editors if you Include each poem as a separate file and include your contact info on the first page of each one. Beginning with our Fall 2018 issue, we will provide writers with a $25 honorarium for each published poem.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome, but if an individual poem is accepted elsewhere please use the "Note" function on submittable to tell us which pieces are and are not available. If all of the poems becomes unavailable, please use the "Withdraw" function to remove the submission from consideration. In either instance, it is not necessary to notify us via e-mail.

We publish approximately 1% of the poetry submissions we receive.

We encourage writers to include a brief cover letter, please limit your cover letter to:

  • Previous publication credits and awards
  • Any association or past correspondence with JuxtaProse team members
  • Previous publication in JuxtaProse
  •  If you are a previously unpublished or student writer, please specify this (as we take a special interest in publishing these groups) 

$1,000 will be awarded to the winner. Manuscripts must not have been previously published in any form -- including any form of online publication -- in order to be eligible, although individual poems (up to 90% of the chapbook's length) may have appeared in other venues. Entrants must be the author or coauthor of each of the chapbook's poems (translations are not permissible) and by entering they state that they possess all legal rights necessary in order to publish each of the manuscript's poems in chapbook form.

 An entry fee applies to all submissions. Entries should consists of a single poetry manuscript of between 20 and 40 pages.  Any manuscripts which do not fit these guidelines may be subject to disqualification. Authors may enter multiple times but will be charged a separate entry fee each time. We recommend that applicants include a brief bio and/or cover letter highlighting previous publication credits and professional achievements (including where individual poems from the manuscript have appeared, if applicable).

The winner will be announced on or before June 29, 2024. JuxtaProse reserves the right to extend the contest deadline as necessary, so long as the winners are announced by this date.

 Entries which do not abide by these submission guidelines may be subject to disqualification. All entry fees are non-refundable.

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